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Our Valuable Team Members

Dr. Adam Schaeffer
Dr. Adam SchaefferDirector of Research
Dr. Schaeffer earned his Ph.D. at the University of Virginia in Political Science. he is one of the only experimentalists in the Republican world. For over a decade he has been perfecting the use of randomized controlled experiments within elections as a means to craft more effective persuasion advertising campaigns. In 2014, he presented this model to Joe Arlinghaus which led to the creation of Valor America in 2016. Dr. Schaeffer is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. He and Sabrina and their three children live in Washington D.C.
Dr. Alex Oliver
Dr. Alex OliverChief Data Scientist
Alex lives in New Hampshire but commutes each week to D.C. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from Tufts University in 2017 and has been working as assistant to Dr. Adam Schaeffer since 2014. Like Dr. Schaeffer, Dr. Oliver went into the world of liberal political experimentalists to learn the craft that has revolutionized Democratic campaign tactics. Alex has been involved in all the efforts of Joe and Adam going back to 2014. His area of specialty is statistics, math and machine learning. Without his efforts, the highly specific targeting we do at Valor America would not be possible.
Joe Arlinghaus
Joe ArlinghausPresident & Founder
Joe got involved in Republican party politics in the mid 80’s in high school in Michigan. In 1987 and 1988 he walked door-to-door in the snow for Jack Kemp in New Hampshire. In 1992, he was a staff member in the Buchanan for president effort in the New Hampshire primary. Much of his experience has been in support of pro-life charity efforts also. In 2014 he accepted a challenge from the political team of Greg Abbott in Texas to find ways to win voters away from the Democrats using abortion messaging. In searching for a way, Joe met Dr. Adam Schaeffer and a long partnership began.

Their efforts in 2014 among a mixture of blue collar Democrats and Hispanic citizen Democrat voters led to the greatest shift ever in the Hispanic vote in a statewide race. In just five weeks, statewide support among Hispanics surged by 18%.

In 2016, Joe formed Valor America and made Dr. Schaeffer the research director for all election advertising development. Efforts in six states utilized the unique techniques to design effective persuasion ads. In a close Pennsylvania race, the targeted ads of Valor America tipped the balance for Donald Trump.

Joe leads a lean operation at Valor America and is committed to see it become both the most effective election effort on the political Right and also the largest ever use of the proven persuasion design methods that define Valor America.