Who Are We?

We are a Super PAC dedicated to using scientific testing to design much more effective political advertising for the benefit of conservative candidates for Federal office.  Our particular unique goal is to win over traditionally Democrat voters.  To change their minds and get them to switch sides.


Is This Exclusively Pro-Life?

Yes and No

We are using pro-life messages because our research has shown that there is no other issue with the power to change minds as the life issue.  In particular we have found that there is a glaring weakness in almost every Democratic candidate that they support the most extreme and offensive areas of the abortion issue including eighth and ninth month abortions.  It happens that this fact is rarely even known by large numbers of Democratic voters and thus there is an opportunity to inject truth into their world.

Scientific?  Really?  Are you sure this isn’t just wish casting?

We assume nothing.  We test everything.  And we specially test in every election to determine which actual voters at this time in this place are persuadable to our messages.  Further, we test the messages to find the ones that are most persuasive.


But Doesn’t This Also Invigorate Pro-Choice

People and Cancel Out the Effect?



How Much Will It Cost?

In Nevada, we hope to spend $250,000. In Wisconsin and Michigan $200,000.  In Pennsylvania we hope to spend $350,000.  In Colorado, $150,000.


How Much Goes to Overhead?

Very little because we run a tight ship.  90% of our funds goes into either testing ads or the actual ads and the testing amounts total for every state are only $110,000 no matter how much we expand the actual advertising.  If we run a full complement of late October ads in all five states, we will spend 80% on actual advertising.  And remember that we are more efficient because our testing shows us what to do and what NOT to do.  “More bang for less bucks!”

Paid for by Valor America. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
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