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Welcome to Valor America and our 2018 Plan 2018-06-06T01:42:17+00:00

Welcome to The Fight for America

Round 2 in the America First MAGA Battle

2018 – The U.S. Senate – A Red Wave


Dear Visitor:

We are prepared to give a bump up in votes in 2018 in close races around the country to get the Senate closer to a 60 vote majority.

Valor America is built around an idea and a technology that allows us to effectively find Democratic voters who are highly open to changing sides.  We are the first and only Republican election effort to utilize this technology designed in 2005 by Democratic political scientists.  The result is dramatic: in every election, if utilized fully, we can shift 2.5% or more of the vote from the Democrat to the Republican.

Sadly, this technique has only been used on the Democratic election world and it has been used well over 100 times against us, but Valor America allied itself with the only Republican experts yet trained to implement the scientific techniques that allow this.  In 2014, our principals worked together on a large scale test in the Texas election for Governor which was a resounding success.  In 2016, Valor America was formed and engaged in highly successful efforts in the rustbelt states including a special success in Pennsylvania to bring white blue collar Democrat voters to vote for President Trump.

In 2018, we seek your help to dramatically increase the number of races we engage in.  Ideally, we will work in 15 U.S. Senate races where a strong traditional conservative candidate is challenging an incumbent Democrat.

We are as lean an operation as exists in the Republican campaign world.  We do not base our work in the expensive world of D.C. nor do we employ a team so large that the donations are consumed by administrative costs.  in 2018, more than 90% of donated funds will go into actual voter engagement and advertising efforts.

If I can help you understand us better, do not hesitate to call me on my direct line at 713-532-2943.  I’d also be happy to arrange a conversation with any of our research professionals.

I know that lying and exaggeration dominate campaign politics and that most who do this work are as stubborn about what they do as anyone in any profession, but Valor America only exists because we were open to change and willing to admit our ignorance.  I promise you that you will get straight answers and truth from everyone on my team whenever you talk.

Help us make 2018 a year of a Red Wave!


Joseph Arlinghaus