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Valor America Thanks our 2018 Supporters

Though our Senate efforts fell short in Michigan, in Montana, and in Minnesota on election day, we were glad to have played some small role in the North Dakota victory of Kevin Cramer, the Indiana victory of Mike Braun and the Missouri victory of Josh Hawley.



John James of Michigan

Dear Visitor:

We had hoped for more Senate victories in 2018.  It was an historic opportunity, but the passion on the Left was also historic.  We are fortunate to have still picked up two seats.

Valor America depends on races being close for our methods to push candidates to victory.  As we do more in 2020 than we did in 2018, we belive we can be even more useful to candidates.

In Michigan, we are looking forward to a rematch with John James again winning the Republican nomination against boring leftist incumbent Gary Peters.  

We hope to also see Karin Housley again challenge Tina Smith in Minnesota.  It will take a bolder campaign that speaks even better to the blue-collar voters but Karin is a candidate we think can do it.

We must also restore the Alabama Senate seat to the Republican Party.  This is an essential pickup in this Presidential election year.

We also intend to engage in as many as 40 U.S. House races that Democrats have narrowly won since 2016.  Taking back the House is priority number 1 for 2020.  No organization is as well positioned as Valor America to target Hispanic and blue-collar white Democrat voters to win back these seats.

We will be advocating for issues and candidates to try and assure that the Republican nominees share the new working class Republican messaging that helped Donald Trump win in 2016.

And of course, we will be engaged for President Trump.  There is no chance of winning back the House or of expanding our Senate majority unless we win the Presidency too.

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Help us help good candidates!


Joseph Arlinghaus


You can call me at 713-532-2943 if you have any questions.