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Valor America Strongly Supports

John James for Senate in Michigan

Matt Rosendale for Senate in Montana

Karin Housley for Senate in Minnesota



John James of Michigan

Dear Visitor:

In the closing days of this 2018 election, we are doing what we do best which is to talk to voters about truths they might not be aware of about candidates.  We present these truths through targeted media efforts.  We are efficient and effective.

In Michigan, we are advocating for the election of the remarkable 38-year-old, John James of Detroit.  He is a graduate of Brother Rice High School and the United States Military Academy.  He served as an Apache Helicopter pilot and now runs his family business.  He is challenging the tired old Debbie Stabenow an 18 veteran of the Senate. James would be the first African American Senator from the state of Michigan.

Matt Rosendale and his Family

In Montana, John Tester needs to lose.  He has served eight years and routinely stands against the majority in Montana.  he likes to act like a good old boy and play up his ranching roots at home, but back in DC, he is just another vote for the New York and California party bosses.  Matt Rosendale is challenging him and on almost every issue Rosendale’s beliefs match the majority beliefs in the state.

Karin (like putting the “car in” the garage) with her fam.

And we are also strongly backing Karin Housley in Minnesota who is challenging Tina Smith for the seat that Al Franken used to have.  Karin is married to famous NHL All Star Phil Housley but she has made a name in Minnesota politics too.  Karin was thought to be too poorly funded to seriously challenge Tina Smith who was appointed just ten months ago to replace Franken, but Smith is boring and a radical feminist whose policy positions have not been resonating well with voters. Housley would a great fresh face in Washington

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Help us help these good candidates!


Joseph Arlinghaus


You can call me at 713-532-2943 if you have any questions.