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Our Method


Part one – Model the local electorate

This is what some people like to call micro-targeting. What we do is to determine which precise voters in the state are in voting groups highly likely to change their mind from our messaging. We combine two pieces of info to do this: 1. our unique way of using randomized controlled tests in large groups of real voters (1000’s) measures real changes in those voters and determines what demographic qualities those voters have in common. We combine this with 2. Existing demographic data kept both by the state and by consumer research organizations.

This lets us find many thousands of actual homes and actual phone numbers and actual email addresses where we know the people listening are highly likely to respond to what we tell them.

Part two – Determine what messages work best

Over more than ten experiments over the last four years, we have gathered data from hundreds of thousands of real voters and have seen trends that allow us to come up with subjects that are likely to work. That data has shown us again and again that no political issue in American politics is even half as powerful to change minds as late term abortion is.

So we design three or four or more ads on areas of the issue that we think might work. And we test them in different languages. Or by a man versus a woman. Or with different accents. Or with a variety of shocking facts.

But the proof only comes when our special form of testing is used head to head in the actual local voter community. That’s when we determine which ad works best. That way we waste less money.

The Result

We get a proven ad which we can put in front of proven persuadable voters. This means we save money and we get maximum value because we avoid the hostile voters who might respond to our ad by voting when they weren’t inclined to do so.

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